Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition Certification

 ***New Certification Policy*** 


The Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition directs a certification program for professionals who serve families in Oklahoma.  The certification grants recognition to individuals who have met defined criteria indicating a certain level of expertise in child development and parent education.    In addition to academic requirements, each certified individual must have a specific number of hours of work experience; letters of reference; verification of work experience in an area related to the certification; membership in a relevant professional organization; agree to a code of ethics; pay a specified application fee; and pass an examination.   A Provisional Certification is available for the individual who meets all the requirements with the exception of work experience.  In order to maintain certification, it is necessary to complete a specified number of continuing education hours per year, maintain membership in a relevant professional organization, and pay a processing fee.  The intent of the re-certification process is to encourage professional growth among those who are working in this field.  It is the Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition's belief that those who have completed and continue to maintain this certification are highly motivated to deliver quality services to families.  Because it demonstrates the individual's professional achievement, it provides employers with one measure for hiring and evaluating personnel.

There are three possible certifications:

  • Child and Parenting Assistant
  • Child and Parenting Practitioner
  • Child and Parenting Specialist

Please read through the on-line Sections A & B of the application packet. The complete Certification Application Packet can be ordered by clicking on the link in this section. It is important to follow the instructions specifically in order to avoid delays in processing your application. The exam will be scheduled at your convenience after the OFRC Certification Committee has reviewed your packet. You will be notified about your application status as soon as the committee has made a decision regarding your application.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or special problems regarding the criteria for certification, please contact the Administrative Director at 918-231-4559 or via e-mail at bbutchee@cox.net.

To receive information about Certification fill out our Certification Application Packet form.
How the OFRC certification process works
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Section B
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Alternatives to workshops or conferences to earn continuing education units (CEU's)

Forms for OFRC Certified members:

Printable forms are available for you to keep track of your Continuing Education hours and submit with your certification renewal.  Please keep a copy for your records. All Certified members are required to complete 20 hours of Continuing Education Units in a fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th.

CEU Record Sheet
CEU Report Form Letter
Membership Renewal Form 2015-2016

For Certified Members:

OFRC Certification Policies

Online Forms:

Individual Certification Membership Form